"Mesh" Dreams = OLSR

L. Aaron Kaplan aaron at lo-res.org
Tue Aug 24 13:01:34 EDT 2010


>> BTW Richard, as far as I remember the problems with 802.11s seemed to be:
>> 1) the standard is not a standard and it was intentionally crippled
>> 2) the drivers were very b0rked and broken (and Marvel did a terrible job with the driver software)
>> Scalability to less than 30 laptops in one room was the result.
>> A standard good AP and standard laptops can go to 30 in one room (with standard settings).
>> So, there was definitely something broken with the Marvel solution.
>> Fix layer 2 first, then look at layer 3.
> Yes, Yes,  I'm not trying to defend the previous mesh implementation in any way.  Pretend the previous OLPC "mesh" does not exist.  And in fact on a XO 1.5 it does not exist.

OK. Didn't know.

> I'm saying that the bulk of our rollouts are dense scenarios connected to an AP.  If we can do better density than an AP with less equipment then thats something to go for.

yes, you can - take the RIPE example: just reduce the txpower and have multiple APs.
There are also some very smart APs with a central controlling AP out there (Cisco has some of those).
These APs balance out the clients "magically".

>  If you can't do better than an AP then unless you are doing the minimal-infra wide area part of mesh there isn't much in it that will help the bulk of OLPC rollouts.

Well - the issue is IMHO that OLPC always sold the public on the mesh idea. So it is somewhat of a bummer that the mesh is gone now.

I might add that the Funkfeuer/Freifunk -style outdoor meshes are still another totally cool option: you can mesh the different schools this way very cheaply.
So that is another thing to consider IMHO.

>> PS: can you forward my answer to the lists? I am not subscribed...
> Sure but I'm not on iaep so I can't help there.

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