the old keypad behavior gets too sensitive

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Fri Apr 16 15:13:21 EDT 2010

I usually operate my XO with an external USB trackball, and have no
problem with cursor positioning.  Lately I've often needed to operate
XOs (hdw early G1G1, but F11 build) with the native keypad, and I can
appreciate the many complaints I have heard about using the old keypad.

In my case, the keypad exhibits too much sensitivity.  Whenever the
humidity is low, just waving my fingers half an inch above the keypad is
enough to result in cursor position movement.  And the cursor jumps both
as I am bringing a finger (through the air) down onto the keypad, AND
when I am lifting the finger (through the air) away from the keypad.
[Also, just placing a finger at the "mouse buttons" at the bottom of the
keypad is often enough to cause the cursor position to change.]

Leaving the keypad alone (to give it time to self-calibrate) does not
seem to help.  The four-finger recalibrate works, but its effect soon
"wears off", and the keypad goes back to being "too sensitive" again.

Are there any software parameters that I can play with, to try to
"dampen" the unwanted cursor position changes that I'm seeing ?

Thanks,  mikus

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