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Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Apr 12 20:59:49 EDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 4:59 PM, Carlos Nazareno <object404 at> wrote:
>>>And shiny distracts.
> Then write an app that's not shiny. Can you please get over your gut
> revulsion? I have the same reaction to Macs.

Ok gentlemen. Let's put things this way -- we are cluttering the
development list of olpc just as we are nearing a release, with things
that are not about helping development at all. They are about our
favourite tools. This is 100% offtopic at a very bad time.

Carlos, Flash lovers, feel free to make your own images with Flash or
install Flash on your machine.. When a _deployment team_ bundles Flash
in an image in their OS image, *there is no problem*. They have to
fill an online form at, and add the rpm to the build. That's
all the drama.

The only complication you might face is that if you build an OS image
with Flash, the terms of licensing with Adobe allow you to distribute
but forbid further re-distribution. In other words: no mirrors, no
derivatives of your image. If you have a problem with that, direct
your email rage at .

OLPC wants to encourage mirrors and people (deployment teams!) making
derivatives of our images, so those terms are no go.

So -- there is *no* drama. Stop this show. Over now. There's a lot of
real work to do.

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