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Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Mon Apr 12 17:17:32 EDT 2010

> There's been all this discussion of AIR.  I am unfamiliar with AIR.
> My question :  "Why would I (as an user) __need__ AIR ?"
> I do not mind using a "browser", nor do I mind installing a
> special-purpose "plugin" into my browser in order to access particular
> material.  But what does AIR provide that for instance the combination
> of "latest Firefox plus latest Adobe Flash plugin" would not provide ?

Hey Mikus! AIR basically extends Flash outside the sandbox of the
browser and into the desktop/mobile device with additional hooks to
the system. For example, you have file read/write access. Think of it
as a cross platform replacement for Flash .EXE projectors on steroids.
It runs on Windows, Macs, Linux, and soon other mobile devices.

> p.s.  People keep showing various Linux platforms (e.g., Ubuntu, Debian,
> etc) running on the XO.  As far as I am concerned, if these people
> *want* to run Ubuntu, Debian, etc., then buying a modern netbook for
> that purpose will give them better performance than using the XO.

1) Because the XO is good ruggedized power-efficient hardware? Because
we believe in the hardware and the incredible engineering work that
went into it?
2) Because we want to support OLPC? Please don't tell me OLPC is
selling units at a loss.
3) IMHO Sugar is limiting for older children and less suitable for
high school and college use. The hiding of the traditional  filesystem
and replacing it with the journal is really too problematic and
unwieldy for sharing files in excess of 50. Copying an html ebook
composed of multiple HTML files becomes a complete mess. Users
shouldn't have to go to the trouble of sugarizing those just to read
them. They should be able to just share them via usb stick and
copy-paste the folders. Also if there are any objections, what's wrong
with providing XOs for high school and college level? Students need
laptops a lot even more then because of reports and papers.

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