AIR + other Linux Flavors

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Apr 12 18:05:46 EDT 2010

>> There's been all this discussion of AIR.  I am unfamiliar with AIR.
>> My question :  "Why would I (as an user) __need__ AIR ?"
>> I do not mind using a "browser", nor do I mind installing a
>> special-purpose "plugin" into my browser in order to access particular
>> material.  But what does AIR provide that for instance the combination
>> of "latest Firefox plus latest Adobe Flash plugin" would not provide ?
> Hey Mikus! AIR basically extends Flash outside the sandbox of the
> browser and into the desktop/mobile device with additional hooks to
> the system. For example, you have file read/write access. Think of it
> as a cross platform replacement for Flash .EXE projectors on steroids.
> It runs on Windows, Macs, Linux, and soon other mobile devices.

I think you've made my point.  I see no __need__ for me to extend Flash
into the desktop by means of additional hooks to the system.  I'm quite
satisfied with my system the way it is.

If I needed read/write access to remote files, then there exist
traditional facilities for that purpose.  For instance I could use ssh
to access remote locations -- why should I bother to learn yet another
application (I have no intention of accessing Windows, or mobile
devices.)  Having never encountered any .EXE projectors on steroids, I
doubt whether I have a need for suchlike, either.

Thanks for your answer - though I'll remain a skeptic.   mikus

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