updates and testing SocialCalc on the Sugar Live CD

Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Thu Sep 3 15:16:33 EDT 2009

Dear community members,

We are preparing for the next release of SocialCalc on Sugar. Localization
infrastructure, canonicalization of the save format and collaboration will
be the key features available in the next release. We are also looking
forward to develop interoperability between SocialCalc format and a number
of other spreadsheet formats like .wk3/.wk4/csv/excel/open office
spreadsheet. We have recently received a number of requests on developing
interoperability between SocialCalc and .wk3/.wk4 format, which has been a
challenging problem to work on. Hope to get this feature ready before the
next release.

Lately, I have been testing SocialCalc on the Sugar Live CD, and have run
into issues. I can't seem to get SocialCalc to start.  I fired up the Sugar
LiveCD, and opened up the USB icon in my journal.  I can see the file
SocialCalc.xo on my USB stick.  When I click on it, I get a start button,
but then nothing happens.  Below is a gears image, which starts something
that looks like a developer interface. Not sure, where I have been going
wrong. Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.

Please visit the SocialCalc on Sugar page at
http://seeta.in/j/products-and-services/socialcalc-on-sugar.html. The
activity is available for download both from the SEETA website (
http://seeta.in) and from activities.sugarlabs.org. If you have any
questions, or would like to add suggestions/comments/feature requests,
please do so here<http://seeta.in/wiki/index.php?title=Talk:SocialCalc_on_Sugar>

Thank you for your continued support.


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