Beam Me Up Scotty, file sharing activity idear

DancesWithCars danceswithcars at
Fri Oct 30 11:25:24 EDT 2009

So I'm reminded of my first handheld computer,
and beaming between friends, my contact information,
like a business card, and sharing applications/ activities
by beaming them to someone in the proximity
by IR.

So fast forward to the WiFi age, and several
friends within a classroom or after school program/
activity, or passing notes in class ;-/

Not everyone in the proximity is the intended
audience for the note or information so some
security might be in order (lest the teach get
the note), just as not every acquaintance is
a friend, but given more and more contact
(connection counts?) and less arguing
leading to ombuds/ sent to the principal's
office, or whatever.

Also to beam to mother ship OLPC/SugarLabs/
Donors/ Remote Family/ Global Village
to put on the Refrigerator art work
and other creations by kids.

I realize not all cultures focus around
the refrigerator (nor that all cultures
center their home life around the
metal box that eats electricity, makes
noise, leaks freon, etc) but by analogy
here...  Sending things up
Beam Me Up Scotty (little green machine,
I have had red hair, on the playground,
so cut me a little slack ;-/ )

to a public gallery space of kids creations
with the XOs or about the XOs/
Sugar Software and Activites
for the community and kids to be
proud of their creations,
kind of grandparent like,
but hopefully you get the idear....

Just an idear.
Not a software program,
nor even a design doc,
but baby steps and floating
it to the community while you
are probably off on other issues...

leave the wolves behind ;-)

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