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Hi Hilaire,

On 27 Oct 2009, at 12:36, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> In a server-less environment I need to share several files among XO,
> in the term of an Etoys project file provided by the teacher and the
> students grabbing it.
> I tried to share a project from Etoys, but it lead to an error, (kind
> of server error messages)

What was the error, this is the problem to resolve.

> I tried the Distribute activity but it proved to be unreliable.
> I am using XO with latest stable Sugar updated from olpc-update

I don't have an old original install of Sugar (and Etoys) handy to  
test just now, but Etoys has supported collaboration for quite some  
time. To test, start a new Etoys activity and look in the toolbar for  
enabling sharing (white circle with black dot). Once enabled the icon  
changes and you'll get a "Buddies" tab. Other XOs can then join your  
shared session and will appear in this tab. You can drag any objects  
from your EToys canvas onto their icons, and that buddy will receive a  
copy on their canvas.

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It worked very well last time I tested.

Obviously you'd need to resume the teachers project, share it, get the  
kids to join, and then copy over the objects you want them to use (you  
might need to adjust the teachers project so this works elegantly with  
the all the lesson objects in a single container). You could even get  
the kids to copy their finished work back to the teacher's project for  
marking, but it depends quite what the kids are working on - try it  
with something simple like a painting object first.


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