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Wed Oct 28 07:49:30 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 7:40 AM, Hilaire Fernandes
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> 2009/10/28 Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at>:
>> Sugar supports direct file transfers between machines, but only from
>> 0.84. Hilaire said he uses the last stable OLPC release, so he is
>> using 0.82.
> And so far, I don't have any avalaible time to test installing the
> 0.84 on XO. At least there are some bits of information regarding
> 0.84. I sill have to port back DrGeo to Etoys and improve the
> scripting programming of DrGeo within Etoys, then start to design
> learning activities with Etoys/DrGeo projects. Then these learning
> activities will be shared to student XO.
> So all in all, is it really the case there are no way to share file
> between XO through the mesh?

It's possible to share objects directly between 2 XOs (0.84), but
there is currently no mechanism, other than activities, for sharing
with many people at once. A long overdue feature of Sugar is "Groups",
which would allow anyone to create groups of people (such as a class)
to enable sending objects and sharing activities with specific sets of
individuals at once.


>> Maybe we should try to troubleshoot Distribute and make it more robust?
>> The only other option I can think of is using a usb stick to share entries.
> Not really a viable option in real life with those students.
> I am thinking about a wifi access point with a third party laptop
> providing FTP access for Etoys project (Etoys can directly cope with
> that in user friendly way)
> Hilaire
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