XO in 2 identical SSID scenario

Andrés Nacelle anacelle at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Wed Oct 21 12:26:28 EDT 2009

Hello pals, some time ago I did some research on the behavior from the XO in
places with more than one access point with the same SSID, and the results
from this test weren't much god. As some of you may remember basically what
my study said was that the connection jumps from one AP to another too
frequent even if the difference in the quality (or level) of the signal is
really big. In the same conditions, and even if both signals are strong a
regular computers stays connected to the same AP. I even tried different SO
on the XO and after thous test I'm confident that the problem is somewhere
close to the net card driver or firmware.

The first time I wrote to you about this someone else had said something on
the opposite hand but then he never replayed about the topic again and most
of the feedback I received were questions about distances versions and
configuration (that's not bad, but eater is useful). I would like to know if
someone else did some test on this field in order to share results and
points of view.

I also tried to contact people from Marvel but they never replayed, does
anyone know a good way to get to them?

Well thanks a lot in advance for any help you can provide.
Andres Nacelle
Montevideo - Uruguay.
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