[Sugar-devel] XO in 2 identical SSID scenario

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Oct 21 16:33:11 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 02:26:28PM -0200, Andr?s Nacelle wrote:
> Hello pals, some time ago I did some research on the behavior from the
> XO in places with more than one access point with the same SSID, and
> the results from this test weren't much god. As some of you may
> remember basically what my study said was that the connection jumps
> from one AP to another too frequent even if the difference in the
> quality (or level) of the signal is really big.

I recall some of the discussion.  I haven't looked back through your
mail.  Was the problem ever formalised in the bug tracking system?  I
haven't looked there yet for this problem.

Remind me; what operating system builds are you experiencing this with?

Remind me; was the jumping from one to the other synchronised to the
scans initiated by Network Manager?  The reason I ask is that I've seen
inconsistent signal strength measurements around these scans, so I turn
off Network Manager sometimes when testing.

> I even tried different SO on the XO and after thous test I'm confident
> that the problem is somewhere close to the net card driver or
> firmware.

Did you mean different operating system (OS)?  If so, which ones?  I'm
especially interested to know if the newer version of Network Manager
and the kernel on the F11 for XO1 builds reproduce the same symptom ...
because if they don't then we can look at what changed.

> The first time I wrote to you about this someone else had said
> something on the opposite hand but then he never replayed about the
> topic again and most of the feedback I received were questions about
> distances versions and configuration (that's not bad, but eater is
> useful).

See above for more.  ;-)  Regarding many questions ... you might not
think it has progressed your problem, but from the point of view of
people trying to help it certainly does.  Losing this knowledge of the
problem will hinder you.

> I would like to know if someone else did some test on this field in
> order to share results and points of view.

No, I have not done such a test.  It is a good idea, but I lack
sufficient knowledge of your configuration in order to verify that the
test would be true.

James Cameron

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