Images partitioned right?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Oct 10 00:19:56 EDT 2009

> Using an USB->SD adapter with one of those recommended SD cards might
> be a good idea.

I'm very heavily dependent on SD cards.  In 2008 it was my 
experience that using a particular hub/adapter to initialize SD 
cards, I was often seeing partition table corruption.  What I ended 
up doing was to *only* use the XO-1 itself (built-in SD slot) for 
partitioning and for filesystem creates on an SD card.

In 2009 I got an external adapter that is built like a tank (but 
only does SD cards).  I have had zero problems using it to 
initialize SD card filesystems.


p.s.  I have been cautioned to avoid guessing when I do not *know*. 
  But from using a large number of external USB devices with XO-1s, 
my guess is that the XO system is sensitive to the 'timings' 
presented by those USB devices - so that's something to watch out 
for with USB->SD adapters.  Maybe the more recent XO software has 
gotten to be more tolerant than the earlier software was.

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