Testing summary - 21 November 2009 Wellington, NZ

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Nov 20 19:21:06 EST 2009

Testing summary - 21 November  2009 Wellington, NZ

Who: Tabitha, Fabiana, Joel, Grant, Tim, Brenda, Callum, David

SOAS-1 had no wireless driver for HP, Ticket #1570
SOAS-1 was able to connect to wireless access point on Dell XPS M1530
- but cant see other XOs even using jabber.sugarlabs.org see other
The EEE701 Ubuntu machine shows many XOs in the neighbourhood view and
joined an activity successfully.

soas2 - anyone know how to make font smaller - is it edit xorg.conf ?

Listen and spell - tested on several XO 1.0 and some XO 1.5s
XO 1.0 - found we have to make adjustments to speech configuration to here,
XO 1.5 - just get beeps and no words on any XO 1.5 machines, same with
Sugar on Ubuntu EEE
ran out of time, entered name and then it said "congratulations grant"
and now enter your name box stuck on screen, cant find key combo to
get out of it and the "ok" and "cancel" buttons dont do anything. cant
even use activity stop button. can move box around (confirmed this
happens on 2 of the XO 1.0 machines)
the text area on the left repeats prompts that are not relevant, the
talking also continues from previous prompt even when you are several
commands ahead. this even happens in a new game - repeats last prompt
from previous game.
We found some of the words are inappropriate for children, and the
dictionary "get definition" is also inappropriate too. some serious
culling of the sex words is required unless we are aiming this game at
adult sex parties.
spelling will be incorrect for some regions? e.g. UK vs US spelling.
Tried Listen and Spell on Soas-1 (strawberry) downloaded from
activities.sugarlab.org in a vm and both times it completely hangs the
not fully localised, so get multiple languages spoken to you but
dictionary still english
found it is case sensitive when it gave us a proper name and found
that it wants no capital on proper names
some words are just not pronounced well at all - the word desired is
pronounced des-err-ed, so cant tell what the word is! we tested the
same word in speak and speak says desired correctly
hard for non native english speakers to differentiate sounds - e.g. l
and r sound the same
does the second game have a time limit? seems a lot longer than first game?

Tangram from geocompris on XO 1.0 - when you finish it displays a
smiley face, can you make it display for longer (maybe another 2 secs)

2 of the XO 1.5 machines 0.84.2 OLPC build release 11 (Leonadis) are
showing duplicated names when hovering on ring activity icons, cant
reproduce on an XO 1.0 machine. we are wondering if this is how many
times it appears in the journal. we guess this based on coloured
activities having this bug/feature but not coloured (not yet used)
activities dont have repeats on hover. did some tests and confirmed
this is the case, you can access journal saved files from the ring!
its a feature! but now how do we get a new one? seems we have to wait
for full menu then choose "start" not just clicking on the icon!

deducto and color deducto dont conform to the Sugar SVG logo standard.
They dont take on the childs colour choice (like the X in the middle
of the ring) nor do they display grey before first use.

IRC activity on XO 1.5 machine - found that if you change your IRC
name it reverts back to the XO name on restart of activity, this is
great so we dont have to worry about it keeping your name if you
change XOs.

Kind regards

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