[Testing] Testing summary - 21 November 2009 Wellington, NZ

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Fri Nov 20 20:56:05 EST 2009

Hi Tabitha,

On 21 Nov 2009, at 00:21, Tabitha Roder wrote:

> Testing summary - 21 November  2009 Wellington, NZ
> Who: Tabitha, Fabiana, Joel, Grant, Tim, Brenda, Callum, David

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> 2 of the XO 1.5 machines 0.84.2 OLPC build release 11 (Leonadis) are
> showing duplicated names when hovering on ring activity icons, cant
> reproduce on an XO 1.0 machine. we are wondering if this is how many
> times it appears in the journal. we guess this based on coloured
> activities having this bug/feature but not coloured (not yet used)
> activities dont have repeats on hover. did some tests and confirmed
> this is the case, you can access journal saved files from the ring!
> its a feature! but now how do we get a new one? seems we have to wait
> for full menu then choose "start" not just clicking on the icon!

Yes, the home ring resumes by default since Sugar 0.84, this was one attempt to reduce Journal entry clutter and to make finding and resuming recent work easier. Arguably it also should help reduce accidental memory overloads – if a kid has an activity running already, and then clicks the home activity icon again, they get switched to the existing running activity rather than launching another new instance. See 0.84 release notes:


There has since been discussion on if the plan has worked a little too well and now some folk report creating new empty activities is too obscure. In Sugar 0.86 holding the Alt key toggles from the default 'resume' behaviour, to a 'start new' behaviour. See 0.86 release notes:


Hoping to get more feedback from the field for further refinement, but any feedback is of interest.

> deducto and color deducto dont conform to the Sugar SVG logo standard.
> They dont take on the childs colour choice (like the X in the middle
> of the ring) nor do they display grey before first use.

Yes, have been meaning to clean up the authors svg icons and send them replacements, on my todo list :-)

Thanks again for all your continued testing feedback!


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