Broken XO battery (battery LED flashes red)

Richard A. Smith richard at
Wed Nov 11 02:22:15 EST 2009

> Can the battery be fixed?

Yes.  You don't appear to have any of the multiple 0xffs in your banks so look like its just your pack status is 0x00 rather than 0x6a

Grab the latest batman.fth  (As of 2 minutes ago, I just updated it)

ok fload u:\batman.fth
ok bat-fix-error-2
ok batman-stop
> How can a dump the output of bat-dump-banks in a file on a USB flash
> drive? We had to copy it manually.

Theres not a way to put bat-dump-banks on a file unless you have a serial console.  There is the ability to save a copy of the eeprom but thats binary.

Rather than post up the whole output of bat-dump-banks I'll update the troubleshooting guide and include what to be looking for to determine if there are no other errors.  I'll also need to add the bit about bat-fix-error-2 

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