Broken XO battery (battery LED flashes red)

Philipp Kocher philipp.kocher at
Wed Nov 11 21:51:28 EST 2009

The battery is fixed. Worked perfectly.
Thanks very much.


Richard A. Smith wrote:
>> Can the battery be fixed?
> Yes.  You don't appear to have any of the multiple 0xffs in your banks so look like its just your pack status is 0x00 rather than 0x6a
> Grab the latest batman.fth  (As of 2 minutes ago, I just updated it)
> ok fload u:\batman.fth
> ok bat-fix-error-2
> ok batman-stop
>> How can a dump the output of bat-dump-banks in a file on a USB flash
>> drive? We had to copy it manually.
> Theres not a way to put bat-dump-banks on a file unless you have a serial console.  There is the ability to save a copy of the eeprom but thats binary.
> Rather than post up the whole output of bat-dump-banks I'll update the troubleshooting guide and include what to be looking for to determine if there are no other errors.  I'll also need to add the bit about bat-fix-error-2 

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