#9318 NORM 1.5-ATe: Via framebuffer failure on 1.5

Harald Welte hwelte at hmw-consulting.de
Fri May 29 02:04:23 EDT 2009

[ I hope your bug tracker can take email responses, please tell me if not ]

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 02:30:58AM -0000, Zarro Boogs per Child wrote:

>  Hi Harald, looks like the new viafb patches have some problems.  I just
>  pulled out a VX800 laptop with panel to try on that too, and the screen
>  fades to white when viafb loads there.

mh, the problem must be related to that particular board, as I've tested the
code on both VX800 and VX855 (including a VX800 based laptop with panel).  But
thanks for letting me know.   viafb was working on the device before?  What
about the external VGA?

After loading viafb from your xo-1.5 branch on the XO1.5 or the VIA VX855
reference board, you should definitely get working output on the VGA out.

If even that doesn't work, something must have gone wrong while rebasing my
patches against the XO1.5 kernel tree.

[I'm offline till tuesday, will look into that after I return]
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