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On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 20:54, Bobby Powers <bobbypowers at> wrote:
> on a B4 (which just needed the VGA connector, no other components),

Same here. I have a spare B4 board for these tests (I would like to
reproduce the identical picture of the XO on a projector for a
formation - and I'm talking about openfirmare and all)

> I was able to
> drive full screen video on a large LCD from the XO, so its not
> useless

That's just what I want to do. No internal LCD mirroring - plain VGA output only

So far I've been stopped by :
 - the video routing question (CN18)
 - the plug. I would like to avoid soldering wires to a VGA plug.

Soldering the plug should take less than 5 minutes once I get the
correct type from digikey/mouser

> If you are still interested, you could start with the following
> references (although I didn't see any part numbers there).

Already know them :-/

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