VGA questions

Bobby Powers bobbypowers at
Sun May 17 20:54:48 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Guylhem Aznar <olpc at> wrote:
> Hello
> "A" boards had CN18 to select the output between VGA and LCD.
> It is no longer presnt on the boards. How can it be implemented?
> (strip wire, software, ... ?)
> For the VGA plug, I'd also be interested in a P/N to get one from
> mouser, mousekey etc.
> Thanks

all of the mass production boards (C2 and C3) are missing a number of
passive parts, and I've only heard of 1 instance where someone
successfully repopulated a board and got VGA out.  From my experiences
on a B4 (which just needed the VGA connector, no other components),
its virtually impossible to get an image mirrored on VGA and LCD;
external monitors don't play well with 1200x900 resolution and I
couldn't get the LCD to work well outside of 1200x900.  I was able to
drive full screen video on a large LCD from the XO, so its not
useless, but a USB VGA adaptor is probably a much easier solution.  If
you are still interested, you could start with the following
references (although I didn't see any part numbers there).


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