Does in olpcrd ever do anything?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon May 4 15:38:15 EDT 2009

2009/5/4 Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at>:
>> No they aren't. Or does your proposal include adding such checks during boot?
> I am thinking of the simple check of "do we have a still-current
> lease". Following find_lease() we do end up in verify_act() which does
> check that /security/lease.sig is good and current.
> Or are you thinking of something else?

I mistook your mail for suggesting that all of your NM script code
would be duplicated by the boot sequence - this isn't true for any of
the "am  I stolen?" code which would run on every connection through
NM, but in the boot sequence would only ever run when the lease has
expired. And because the NM script would be trivial to delete, it
makes the "am I stolen?" code somewhat pointless.

Apart from that, I guess your ideas would hold up, but we might be
missing something.


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