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Sat Mar 14 19:42:36 EDT 2009

scott wrote:
 > On Sat, 2009-03-14 at 09:37 -0400, pgf at wrote:
 > > i'm sure rawhide will gain a power management solution of some
 > > sort.  probably ohmd will be added.  i wouldn't be surprised if
 > > olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd would work fine as well, but if
 > > you'd like to test that to confirm it, i wouldn't object.  ;-)
 > Rawhide status:

thanks for testing!

 > 1. Only by using an OLPC kernel (such as the one from staging release
 > 801) is the kernel is capable of power management on the XO
 > 2. with an OLPC kernel, ohmd does not work. Closing the lid, hitting the
 > power button, these are not detected. I don't know why at the moment...

odd.  ohmd uses dbus for various things, but i would have assumed that
would work.

 > 3. with the OLPC kernel and this olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd (which by
 > the way are really realy nice, thanks a million pgf!) the XO suspends
 > when via "lid" switch and the power button. 

great!  did you try the grab keys and rotation?  (those are just
olpc-kbdshim.)  "olpc-rotate" should spin the display, even if the
buttons don't work.

 > 4. In a GNOME session, this behaves oddly, as gnome-power-manager also
 > intercepts the power button press and pops up a
 > "hibernate/suspend/yadayada/" dialog, and then your XO suspends
 > anyway :-)

yeah, i kind of expected that.  similar issues happen if you run
ohmd alongside powerd as well.  is g-p-m (easily) uninstallable?

 paul fox, pgf at

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