announce: alternate power management

Scott Douglass scott at
Sat Mar 14 20:47:40 EDT 2009

>  > 3. with the OLPC kernel and this olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd (which by
>  > the way are really realy nice, thanks a million pgf!) the XO suspends
>  > when via "lid" switch and the power button. 
> great!  did you try the grab keys and rotation?  (those are just
> olpc-kbdshim.)  "olpc-rotate" should spin the display, even if the
> buttons don't work.

Pressing the rotation button does nothing in GNOME or Sugar. Should this
be a general X rotation that should work in any X session?

What are grab keys? I am not seeing any functionality for the gamepad
keys. In the OLPC Fedora/Sugar these enable me to get around the "scroll
bar is not draw even though content is larger than frame" fun.

>  > 
>  > 4. In a GNOME session, this behaves oddly, as gnome-power-manager also
>  > intercepts the power button press and pops up a
>  > "hibernate/suspend/yadayada/" dialog, and then your XO suspends
>  > anyway :-)
> yeah, i kind of expected that.  similar issues happen if you run
> ohmd alongside powerd as well.  is g-p-m (easily) uninstallable?

Yes. Very easy to remove.

One additional point related to power management, the control panel in
the current Sugar RPMs (for rawhide/F11) doesn't have the power settings
("extreme power management" etc.) icon. Perhaps there is a gconf key to
enable that? I asked in #sugar but got no reply. Or, is this
functionality removed on purpose?

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