announce: alternate power management

Scott Douglass scott at
Sat Mar 14 18:49:19 EDT 2009

On Sat, 2009-03-14 at 09:37 -0400, pgf at wrote:
> mikus wrote: 
>  >   -  Rawhide.  AFAIK there currently is no dimming support at all. 
>  > I either have to power off such an XO overnight, or have to close 
>  > the lid while the backlight is still lit.  It would be useful if 
>  > rawhide supported dimming/shutting_off the screen when no one is 
>  > looking at it (irrespective of whether the CPU is doing work or not).
> i'm sure rawhide will gain a power management solution of some
> sort.  probably ohmd will be added.  i wouldn't be surprised if
> olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd would work fine as well, but if
> you'd like to test that to confirm it, i wouldn't object.  ;-)

Rawhide status:

1. Only by using an OLPC kernel (such as the one from staging release
801) is the kernel is capable of power management on the XO

2. with an OLPC kernel, ohmd does not work. Closing the lid, hitting the
power button, these are not detected. I don't know why at the moment...

3. with the OLPC kernel and this olpc-kbdshim and olpc-powerd (which by
the way are really realy nice, thanks a million pgf!) the XO suspends
when via "lid" switch and the power button. 

4. In a GNOME session, this behaves oddly, as gnome-power-manager also
intercepts the power button press and pops up a
"hibernate/suspend/yadayada/" dialog, and then your XO suspends
anyway :-)

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