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Sat Mar 14 10:12:59 EDT 2009

i wrote:
 >   b) i've seen out-of-sync ebook switch behavior -- i.e., the event
 >      being reported (ebook open/close) exactly mismatches the
 >      physical condition of ebook mode.  since this behavior was
 >      described for the lid switch in #5703 (and fixed), i'm
 >      guessing the ebook switch needs similar love.  again, i
 >      haven't looked at the code yet.

i've now looked at the code -- ebook mode tracking is completely
separate from and different than lid state tracking.  (sigh :-)
it seems the condition i saw could be caused by an early failed
read of the ebook state by the kernel, or a subsequent loss of
one of the SCI events which indicates that the state changed.
(this is a really good example of why just reporting something
has changed, without reporting what it has changed _to_, is a bad
idea from a robustness point of view.)

 paul fox, pgf at

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