summary of current paraguayan XO OS customisations

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Mar 12 17:26:46 EDT 2009


I decided that it's worth sharing a summary of the customisations that
we are making to OLPC OS 801 here in paraguay. Many of these things
would probably be useful for other deployments too, so I'm hoping this
mail makes some recent work of myself and others slightly
better-known. Also I would be interested in helping OLPC include these
in 8.2.1 or 8.2.2...

I expect this list may grow a bit more before we finalize our image,
so I may end up sending another list soon.

-bundles and activities

- version number
/boot/olpc_build customised with paraguay branding which then appears in sugar

- acquire leases from the school server over standard 802.11 wireless networks

- customise browse homepage
(screenshot is slightly outdated, latest one has non-pixellated
paraguayeduca logo)
(we don't have content to sit behind the 3 links yet)

- make gcompris a favourite activity by default
echo "net.gcompris.gcomprisActivity" \
	>> "${pristine}/usr/share/sugar/data/activities.defaults"

- disable unintuitive first boot "You should update your activities" message
sed -i -e 's/\.sugar-update/\.sugar-update-hackedout/g' \

- backup initial sound state, and restore on every reboot
fixes a common but not completely understood problem where sound
completely stops working until reflash

- hook up the "Discard network history" button to also unregister from the XS
we're in a pickle because current builds deployed to teachers don't
let us unregister easily...this may help us to avoid future pickles

- add scripts for journal restore
the current XS restore web interface is sub-standard (can access
everyones files) and doesnt seem like it will offer a single-click
"restore my entire journal" any time soon

- speed up the activity updater by greatly reducing the number of
requests it has to make over the internet (to 0, assuming that the
user hasn't installed any extra activities)

- implement the client side of lease updates through the theft
deterrence protocol

- make shutdown 15 seconds quicker


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