console handling issues with new bootanim

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Mar 12 15:18:57 EDT 2009

Hi Bobby,

We are looking at including the new bootanim for the paraguayan
deployment, but the following things are holding us back:

1. The VT_SETMODE stuff which you omitted is needed for the feature
where when you press ctrl+alt+mesh during boot, pretty boot is
disabled and you see the console messages. This does not happen with
your version, ctrl+alt+mesh is ignored and the animation continues.

2. You use TIOCCONS during startup to redirect console output, but you
do not cancel this as the animation ends. You should do this by
calling TIOCCONS on /dev/console.

3. boot-anim-stop should be able to be called before the animation has
finished, and it should prevent any further boot-anim-clients from
doing anything.

4. You can save a few kb by compiling the apps with the
"-fwhole-program -combine" compiler flags.

5. I've spent too much time wrangling diskspacecheck and I can't make
it play nice... we do indeed still require a "are we in a pretty boot"
codepath.. so I guess we need a program for checking that. Then when
the other items are done, it will be possible to make this work again,
without requiring pyvt.

6. the initramfs includes its own copy of act-gui/bootanim. You
removed gui_server and gui_client in your tree, so if someone were to
build a new initramfs using your tree rather than scott's, then the
activation stuff wouldn't work. This also requires pyvt. Not sure how
you want to handle this...


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