[Olpc-france] extend the memory flash space with an SD card to build open80211s

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 08:41:45 EDT 2009

You may want to check out the Debina pages in the Sugar Labs wiki,
which tend to be kept reasonably up to date.



2009/3/13 Aime Vareille <aime.vareille at wanadoo.fr>:
> pgf at laptop.org a écrit :
>> rekik wrote:
>>  > Hi,
>>  >
>>  > I tried to build the kernel open80211s on a group of machines which use
>>  > ubuntu 8.10 and it's work. Now I had to build it on an XO. The problem
>>  > is that I don't have enough space on my flash memory ( 1Go ). So, I had
>>  > to extend it with an SD card ( to have a space > 1024 Mo), but I
>>  > don't know the steps to make this solution and the minimum size of the
>>  > SD card..
>>  >
>>  > can anyone help me !!!
>> it sounds like you're trying to do the build of open80211s on
>> the XO itself.  most people don't do development for the XO that way --
>> we build on another machine, and move the binaries onto the XO.
>> for simple programs, you can build on most any modern linux
>> distribution and your binary will work on the XO, because the
>> libraries and environment tend to be compatible.  (you could
>> perhaps build a static binary to be sure.)
>> the XO is based on fedora, so a fedora machine will be the best
>> build host.
> Yes, but debian can also run on XO.
> However I found http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ubuntu_On_OLPC_XO not good
> because it puts the fedora kernel on the ubuntu which works with some
> discrepencies ; it takes also some time because of qemu and the boot is
> not optimal.
> Today, the stuff with debian on XO is cleaner and very fast to install
> and test ; http://wiki.laptop.org/go/DebXO is the best page I found
> about it :
>  # zcat debxo-$DESKTOP.ext3.img.gz > /dev/sdX  (for instance, sdb; not sdb1)
> And update the firmware to q2e34.rom at http://dev.laptop.org/pub/firmware/
> Then it works fine either on SD card or USB pendrive of 2 GB minimum and
> you can still boot and use the native fedora XO build.
> With SD cards you could need some swap that can be made with a file
> /swap.bin as explained at
> http://www.olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=4053.0
> However, I have to compile a more recent kernel because the 2.6.25
> version on that debian lenny is not sufficient for some of my experiments.
> With all the wiki documentation pages I don't know on which I should write.
> Regards
> Aimé
>> paul
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