Contributors Program v2.0; Brief Mtg 2PM EST (#olpc-meeting)

Holt holt at
Fri Mar 6 04:31:12 EST 2009

Plz read our fresh announcement of Contributors Program v2.0:

Project owners worldwide need Community Mentors like you to help 
HW/SW/Learning projects along!  A very quick & rewarding endeavor -- plz 
reply to me personally if you can help!  Our Community Support (RT) 
system makes this easy, ramping up successfully around CP v2.0:

Join us reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community projects today 2PM EST:

Then type at bottom:
   /join #olpc-meeting

1. We'll review these 4 projects:

   Networked Reflashing Debugging by Blaketh [USA]

   Operation ZeroRtBacklogs / OLPC Support-Gang Operation by mafe [USA]

   Integrate CRM Web form using XO by benbas [MALAYSIA]

   Loan Laptop to students and lecturers by benbas [MALAYSIA]

2. Volunteer Needs:

    * Mentor More Projects-- Help Us Resolve several dozen Project 
Proposals dating from 2008:
    * Build Awareness around our new:
    * Stress-test our brand new CP v2.0 to make sure it continues to 
scale successfully
*    * Nourish our "Science Fair" garden for springtime, now that Hullaw 
has laid a foundation seeds -- help all worthy projects 
past/present/future take root here:*
    * Craft RTFM and email to all older/ongoing projects asking them how 
it's going!
    * Craft email to the many who registered over the last year 
expecting hardware, but failed to to complete the 2nd step applying :(

3. "Projecting" Futurism

    *  Towards consensus ideas around our evolving for criteria Local 
Laptop Library (Project Pools) here:
     * Contributors Program v3.0 arising springtime?
    * My 2 favorite projects of the day below, whose hardware needs will 
be superquick ;)
    * Your Other Questions!

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