instructions for flashing SoaS on a XO

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Fri Mar 6 13:19:30 EST 2009


below are some instructions for flashing the last Sugar on a Stick
image (containing Sugar 0.84) on a XO (provided you have a developer

Could someone volunteer to test and wikify them?




on a F10 system:

$ sudo yum -y install crcimage mtd-utils
$ wget
$ wget
$ sudo sh Soas-200903051021.iso Soas-200903051021.img

and then copy Soas-200903051021.img and Soas-200903051021.crc to a usb stick

on the XO, boot with the usb stick plugged in and get into OFW, then
type the following commands

ok disable-security
ok copy-nand u:\Soas-200903051021.img

then the XO will reboot and you should get into Sugar.

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