Screen rotation -- My two cents

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Mon Mar 2 10:29:10 EST 2009

I have experienced the frustration of trying to use the mouse pad when 
in ebook mode (actually not quite ebook mode, since you have to open the 
XO a bit to get your finger on the mousepad).  The reason I need to do 
it is that when I'm using View Slides the enormous mouse arrow blocks 
part of the picture on the screen, so I want to move it out of the way.  
What would be far better would be to have the mouse pointer simply hide 
itself when the mouse pad or mouse hasn't been used in awhile.  It would 
reappear when the pad is touched.  I have seen software that does this 
(Powerpoint, I think, and Yahoo Go for TV) so maybe there is a way to 
accomplish this on the XO as well.  Or maybe I could set up a key 
combination to toggle the mouse pointer visibility.  But how, in Python, 
can I hide the mouse pointer?  I haven't been able to find anything on 
that using The Google.

James Simmons

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