Screen rotation -- My two cents

pgf at pgf at
Mon Mar 2 11:10:34 EST 2009

james wrote:
 > I have experienced the frustration of trying to use the mouse pad when 
 > in ebook mode (actually not quite ebook mode, since you have to open the 
 > XO a bit to get your finger on the mousepad).  The reason I need to do 
 > it is that when I'm using View Slides the enormous mouse arrow blocks 
 > part of the picture on the screen, so I want to move it out of the way.  
 > What would be far better would be to have the mouse pointer simply hide 
 > itself when the mouse pad or mouse hasn't been used in awhile.  It would 

$ yum install unclutter
$ unclutter &

(and add it to .xsession)

 paul fox, pgf at

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