#9361 NORM 1.5-F11: drm not working

Harald Welte hwelte at hmw-consulting.de
Fri Jun 26 01:16:52 EDT 2009

Hi guys, 

i'm currently offline and I'm missing an appointment for writing this e-mail,
thus no time to log into RT.

you have a chrome9 system, please don't try to use it with the old
DRM code in the kernel which is for chrome/unichrome.

VIA has some out-of-mainlien chrome9 DRM driver, which has been rejected
from mainline inclusion so far, because

1) there were some severe security concerns (which I share).  I think those
   have been addressed in later releases (see linux-fbdev-devel)
2) there is still no FOSS code using the DRM interface, and David Airlie
   seems reluctant to merge something
3) the only FOSS codebase that looks like it might eventually end up having
   DRM support on chrome9 so far (gallium3d) has modified the kernel/userspace
   API, and the kernel folks don't want to merge a driver before it provides
   one API that can be used by closed + open source drivers.
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