Problem creating .xo bundle

Art Hunkins abhunkin at
Tue Jun 23 15:44:23 EDT 2009

I did create my MANIFEST manually; I don't see anything awry or missing.

I note that the MANIFEST you reference doesn't include MANIFEST among the 
files listed.

Is actually required either?

Art Hunkins

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> On 23 Jun 2009, at 17:28, Art Hunkins wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply, Gary (Aaron as well!)
>> Yes, execute permissions are set correctly for
>> My file reads exactly the same as yours.
>> I'm still getting the same problemmatic results as below.
>> I'm developing largely on the XO itself, with help from my Windows  (XP) 
>> computer and some thumb drives. I'm using the XO's builtin nano  editor.
>> My XO build is 802, with Q2E41 firmware. As I recall, I'm working  with a 
>> developer key, FWIW.
>> Any further ideas?
> Hmmm. Best I have is... If you manually created your MANIFEST (I'm  lazy, 
> I usually just ./ fix_manifest and give it a quick look  for 
> junk), is it possible that it now contains a reference to a  missing file 
> name or directory path leading to your error? Here's a  recent MANIFEST 
> for the Physics Activity incase looking at another  example helps:
> Regards,
> --Gary

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