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Wed Jun 17 19:46:56 EDT 2009

Summary of activity pages on
* I believe Activities/All isn't used for Software_updater info.  I
just now marked it obsoleted by ASLO

* Each activity's general info page mostly isn't used for
Software_updater info; developers should put the {{Activity migrated
to sl.o}} template on them and kill off redundant info.

* Activity fragment pages like Activities/Browse_(8.2) and the
activity group pages like Activities/N.N and Activities/G1G1/N.NN that
transclude them are used by Software_updater and developers should
continue to update them as newer versions for 8.2.x come out.

* Maintaining Software_updater's HTML microformat info on ASLO instead
for activities that are not part of any activity group is doable but
not straightforward.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Chris Ball<cjb at> wrote:
>   > The Sugar Labs Activities Portal seems to be holding up pretty
>   > well under load.  My suggestion would be to start phasing out the
>   > activities pages on
> Are you just talking about, or
> the* pages too?
> My understanding is the software updater still uses the latter pages

Alas there are a lot of pages floating around.  e 8.2.x Software
update control panel reads a set of pages with a /NN.N suffix using a
complicated fallback system with bugs.  Those pages need to have a
special HTML microformat (class="olpc-activity-blahblah") that
identifies versions and download URLs.  See

Most activities on w.l.o use a MediaWiki template like
[[Template:Activity-oneline]] to create fragments with the microformat
like that the
activity groups transclude, but there's no reason an activity's
update_url can't point to an arbitrary URL with the right info; see

> because there isn't an equivalent in ASLO.

ASLO has the info, but it might be challenging to create the right set
of fallback pages with NN.N suffixes and the microformat HTML.

>  Is that right?  (SoaS
> includes the software updater, so we shouldn't break it by removing
> those pages before there's an ASLO equivalent.)

I dunno if SoaS has software updater.

Depending on what you mean by "those pages", see summary above.
Although Activities/All has the microformat in it, I don't think any
activity specifies it.  I guess some users might have chosen "Modify
activity groups" to point to Activities/All in order to download a
huge set of activities.

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