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David Farning dfarning at
Wed Jun 17 17:53:27 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Chris Ball<cjb at> wrote:
> Hi David,
>   > The Sugar Labs Activities Portal seems to be holding up pretty
>   > well under load.  My suggestion would be to start phasing out the
>   > activities pages on
> Are you just talking about, or
> the* pages too?
> My understanding is the software updater stil uses the latter pages
> because there isn't an equivalent in ASLO.  Is that right?  (SoaS
> includes the software updater, so we shouldn't break it by removing
> those pages before there's an ASLO equivalent.)

The server side update code is already in ASLO.  AMO handles on the
order of 10 millions update pings per day.

The issue will be getting the client side ready to ask aslo for the
activity updates.

Moving forward, that should not be a problem. New versions of Sugar
can just be pointed to also for update.

Support legacy support I see are.
1. Users currently expect to find the activites on
2. Identifying which versions of activities will run on which versions
of Sugar.  This functionality already exist in aslo.... It is just not
used because most activity developers are focusing their latest
releases on the latest release of sugar.
3.  Retroactively updating deployed machines to point to aslo for update.

I think the answer to this will be for you (and whoever else will work
on legacy support), core developers, activity developers and packagers
to sit down in a room like we did at the Boston 2009 Fudcon and hash
this out.  Preferably with a impartial yet knowledgeable facilitator
such as GregDK.


> - Chris.
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> Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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