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Wed Jun 17 17:05:54 EDT 2009

Hi Jacob,

Check out Chapter 2.11 in our Support FAQ which is all about upgrading & 
clean installing to more recent and better software:

In short, these days we generally recommend Release 8.2.1 (Build 802) 
from Spring 2009:

Certain people prefer Release 8.2.0 (Build 767) from Autumn 2008 which 
sometimes offers more reliable wireless:

Finally if you can help kids worldwide testing the very latest, please 
backup all your files then definitely try:


OLPC Support, Volunteer-Driven (

Jacob Haddon wrote:
> Forgive the question. I've been digging through and fedora wikis, forums and dev lists for this answer and cannot seem to find it. 
> I have a first gen XO (G1G1) and want to install the current stable OS on it. The one it has now was released before the divorce of OLPC and Sugar Labs. 
> Fedora 11 is out, but I cannot seem to find any builds of it, or 10 that seem to work on the XO. Am I missing something? 
> I do have a version of Ubuntu on an SD card, but I'd rather use Fedora since it is supporting the project. 
> Any pointers, advice or direction would be appreciated. 
> -j
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