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On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 09:25, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at> wrote:
>> No idea, but you can use a small /boot partition with jffs2 (or ext2)
>> which is enough to boot the kernel and then have a ubifs root file
>> system.
> +1 on Peter's recommendation :-)

I was thinking about it but that wasn't my preferred option because it
seemed like an ugly workaround and I had recently read references to
linuxbios/coreboot here. But whatever, I'm way past that and anything
that do the job will be fine.

Yet I wonder how this will confuse ofw, especially for updates and
image signing.
I mean, if I really have to live with OFW, then I'll shave its cute
olpc sound, boot image and boot delay, also try to to remove the
initrd to get additional seconds, but I don't want to discard OFW
security advantages.

Anyway, I will start the tests tonight, and after reading +, I've more
questions :
 - How is 2.6.29 working on the OLPC at the moment ? (I'd like to
avoid running unstable 2.6.25 backport for production) Is there a
binary somewhere, with ubifs compiled in?
 - There's a reference to q2e22, but can I use latest versions?
 - How is image signature process affected? With UBIFS, do you need 2
sigs, both for the jffs parition and the ubifs? Or just one the whole
mtd ?
 - How to I remove the "clearnmarkers" for the UBI partition, as
explained following olpc-image-builder ? Everything is explained but


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