reviving XO-1 OS builds, as the XO-1.5 release approaches...

Holt holt at
Thu Jul 16 17:06:32 EDT 2009

Adric Net wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an XO-1, some usb sticks, and other odds and ends, along with  
> fast Internet access.
> I expect there are others in similar situations who would like to help  
> test on XO-1 ... if only
> to make sure that their hardware will continue to run the new code.  
> How can we help?
> Is there an image available? Will it come in via the old olpc-update  
> rsync script?

Huge thanks Adric -- let's expand this effort to embrace the ~1 million 
XO Laptops out in the field -- supporting the latest Sugar(s) into the 
next decade:

    "A fairly decent general knowledge of the Linux ecosystem is 
necessary, but it is not an overly difficult task."
        --Daniel Drake,

Start Here:

Can you provide Fedora 11 virtual machine(s) with sudo access and a 
decent amount of disk space to the community?

Don't hesitate to ask DSD at & I further questions (as you have 
below) and we'll do our best to get them all answered,

> Or is it more like you need a build manager to put one together before  
> that will be possible?
> Further, I also have some server space and bandwidth available for  
> mirrors and seeds.
> ( I think y'all are full up on web tools and wikis, or I'd offer those  
> too. *g* )
> So, where should I, and the testing community I have crossposted to  
> *wave*, start ?
> And when will it be helpful to pull in some parents of XO-1 kids to  
> try this out on?
> hth,
> Adric Net
> adric at

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