Performance hit while working with screen depth 16

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Tue Jul 14 01:29:55 EDT 2009

I changed the screen depth while installing my activity. I couldn't install
my activity using only the .xo file because other things such as the OSS
sound module needed to be setup before running the activity. So I provided a
script to install the activity. I ran the commands from the script from
their as sudo.

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 4:53 AM, Martin Langhoff
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> On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:28 AM, Benjamin M.
> Schwartz<bmschwar at> wrote:
> > On the other hand, if this is for private deployment under your control,
> > then it's perfectly acceptable.
> Ummmm...
>  - Restarting X kills the session, which means that it'll kill all the
> other open activities. So no, I don't think any user will consider
> this reasonable -- _unless this activity is the only one in the
> system_ or a ridiculously important one.
>  - As Quozl points out, editing config files _must_ be atomic, and
> there better be a way to restore it back to normal.
>  - Does the activity have root access? Can it bypass rainbow? How does
> it manage to rewrite xorg.conf and restart X?
> It's a real shame that xrandr dropped the "switch colour depth" goal
> midstream. Otherwise it'd be the recommended course of action. I'm of
> course intrigued by Tomeu's link re Maemo.
> Given the above notes... If a deployment considers your activity _so_
> important, then persuade them to ship with 24bpp in xorg.conf
> cheers,
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