Performance hit while working with screen depth 16

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Mon Jul 13 19:23:11 EDT 2009

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:28 AM, Benjamin M.
Schwartz<bmschwar at> wrote:
> On the other hand, if this is for private deployment under your control,
> then it's perfectly acceptable.


 - Restarting X kills the session, which means that it'll kill all the
other open activities. So no, I don't think any user will consider
this reasonable -- _unless this activity is the only one in the
system_ or a ridiculously important one.

 - As Quozl points out, editing config files _must_ be atomic, and
there better be a way to restore it back to normal.

 - Does the activity have root access? Can it bypass rainbow? How does
it manage to rewrite xorg.conf and restart X?

It's a real shame that xrandr dropped the "switch colour depth" goal
midstream. Otherwise it'd be the recommended course of action. I'm of
course intrigued by Tomeu's link re Maemo.

Given the above notes... If a deployment considers your activity _so_
important, then persuade them to ship with 24bpp in xorg.conf


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