Notes from an impromptu 8.2.1 Release Mtg.

Richard A. Smith richard at
Mon Jan 26 14:37:09 EST 2009

Hal Murray wrote:

> please-help-test-this messages but I could easily have missed one.  The 
> latest version is Q2E28.  I'm reasonably sure that it didn't get much testing 
> since I just fixed a typo on the wiki page in the URL to download the bits.  
> Anyway, most of the testing below was done with Q2E24.  I've updated to Q2E28 
> and a quick test didn't show any changes.

Right now e28 is what you should be testing.  When the next f series 
release comes out (RSN) then that will be the new series going forward.

> Even when it isn't a total disaster, the cursor is still very hard to use.  
> The problem seems to happen when I lift my finger off the pad so I can move 
> it over and set it down to continue a long move.  Yes, I could be being 
> sloppy and moving before I lift, but I've been working/playing with it enough 
> that I don't think it's me, or if it is, other normal users will be totally 
> frustrated.
> Sometimes it jumps to the lower left corner.
> Again, this is a B2 chasis with a B3 board.  If the cursor pad stuff has 
> changed I apologize for the noise.

In a B2 chassis you are going to see worse performance than later 
chassis as we added metal in the B3.

And why do not have a MP (C2)?  Mail me your shipping address and I'll 
see that you get a new machine.

Richard Smith  <richard at>
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