Testing summary - 17 January 2009

Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 19:15:04 EST 2009

Hello community

Who was there: Bob, Florencia, Uli, Gustav, Alastair, Edward, Tabitha,
Brenda, Callum (and a couple of random people who asked us questions and got
their 2yo kid to play with tamtam mini)

Simple Mesh connection. 3 XOs - appear in the frame but typing is not
sharing. So far testing of functions works - formatting, basic formulas. We
took photos if you need them.
Formulas - tested max, min, average, sum, okay. Today function works.
Help has a good start.
Graph not working properly yet? Highlight range of cells but just get the
last cell highlighted as a bar. Learned some more from lots of us playing
and eventually got a bar graph. Yeah! So we found you have to NOT include
the labels. Also found bar graph is not to scale. We were impressed that it
could graph a row of data or a column of data, and would like to see it
recognise two columns in the future, maybe even comparing data.  We are
hoping next time we test this that we can get a pie graph - we like pie.
Then maybe line graph after that? Eventually we worked out how to add
labels, but it was a bit complicated.
Sort was hard work - too many steps to the process. Need to make it clearer
that there is a button to push, or hide other menu options. Major and minor
sort both work. Would be good if you see only first part of sort question
then only second part of sort question, not both at the same time especially
as it remembers the last sort you did. Maybe even just changing the "sort"
button to the end rather than in the middle, and maybe make it say "sort
now" or something.
Massive delay in entering text into the cell, move to the next cell and wait
wait wait.
We are happy to test this again when sharing is possible.
Saves to journal and can get data back. Awesome.
Gaming keys do stuff - cool. Square key takes you to A1, great.
Rotate - 90 and 270 chops off half the tool bars and does not fit to frame.
Rotate 180 is great for upside down work. :-)
Black and white mode works. Sound not applicable.

GNU book reader has the following problems; Default zoom is too low, all
images are loaded at once (problems for bandwidth, traffic costs). Needs an
way to scroll to next half (or third) of a given page. A simple way to copy
a book around would be nice.
Something to indicate that images are not being loaded by default would be
good. A way to interpolate text only pages would be good for
Also, a bookmark, and index/contents that can skip to a given page would be
Additional: The evince based PDF ebook reader (aka. Reader) is way too
memory intensive for large books. Either a different technology (HTML?
Mobipocket), or something where the pages are only rendered one at a time,
rather than caching the render of everything in memory in advance.
Also; the interface for downloading, and saving books to the local disk is
horribly horribly confusing.

Food Force II
Tested on 4 XOs.
Bit slow and sometimes crashes, but not sure why.
Took us a while to work out that without books no one goes to school... how
do we put XOs in the school? Without medicine the hospital does not work. A
tutorial would be great - like etoys tutorial please.
The music on one XO is jittery. Clean reboot twice it still does jittery
When we buy and sell resources but the numbers are meaningless to us.
Farm setup - It would be cool to have a drag pie graph that allows you to
choose what percentage of rice, veges and beans you want to plant.
Houses - have to setup one house at a time, would like bulk build (could
even add a cheaper to build in bulk component).
Facilities were shutting down due to lack of resources but running so slow
we could not buy resources quick enough.

Smashing of multiple keys (as expected of 2 year old) results in speaker
overload and distortion.

Pulling apart XOs.
We learned how to pull apart and put back together five XOs today. Great
learning for us so we can refurbish and replace bits. Great for non hardware
people in the group to fill in some gaps in our knowledge. We were all happy
when we put them back together with no left over screws!

Another successful day.

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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