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I've seen that OLPC has some tourble and that they are findong a way to
reduce tho costs in networking. I don't know what way are you using to
connect every school around the world but in Spain exist a community called
Guifi.net that is building a open wi-fi network arround our country at "low"
cost, I say low compared with other commercial alternatives. Guifi.net has a
great caracteristic that is all network is managed by the users using a
great webb app to assing IP's draw maps of the network and create new nodes
an Access Points, I don't know if it information will solve you some
problems but I think that the Guifi.net cmunnity will be proud of it work if
you use it to build free and open network arroun developing world.

A simple user of Guifi.net Free and Open network.

For more informatione please visit http://guifi.net/en in inglish. The page
is also available in sapnish and catalan.

To read the Wireless Commons, the coinditions that has to accept everybody
that wants to do free and open networks visit http://guifi.net/WCL_EN

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