HTML-based/Browser apps (was Re: anti-cheating)

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Tue Jan 13 05:01:27 EST 2009

Carlos Nazareno wrote:

> You can go with Processing ( but Java is a
> bit problematic on the XO.

Heh, is the Processing language 
running in a <canvas>.  Works on XO, slowly.  (I hope XULRunner 1.9.1 
with the Tracemonkey JIT shows up in joyrunner builds.)

> Why put yourself through unnecessary pain with the
> HTML5/Javascript/CSS/SVG/whathaveyouforaudio&video&webcam combo? Add
> to that the added headache of the standards fragmented browser
> landscape.

There is no fragmentation, the XO ships with XULRunner.

> Flash gets the job done, and gets it done easy.

I worked at Macromedia for 9 years, I know well of Flash's many 
benefits, and many downsides for OLPC.  Rather than debate it, if 
there's Flash content relevant to OLPC's mission, mention it on the 
wiki.  A few days ago I added a brief mention of the SWF format to before I noticed someone 
had already put it under "List of objectionable formats" on the talk 
page; I don't care deeply either way.

=S Page

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