HTML-based/Browser apps (was Re: anti-cheating)

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Mon Jan 12 23:23:18 EST 2009

> the people
> with skills to do it are rare.

The Flash Platform is the easiest way to do all of that. I haven't
seen anything that can tie up interactive media as easy with scalable
complexity like Flash has.

Some early pioneers were John Maeda, Joshua Davis, Yugo Nakamura,
Robert Hodgins, and Ze Frank. Back then, what you said was true, but
today you only need look at the growing army of Flash game developers
for starters.

You can go with Processing ( but Java is a
bit problematic on the XO.

Why put yourself through unnecessary pain with the
HTML5/Javascript/CSS/SVG/whathaveyouforaudio&video&webcam combo? Add
to that the added headache of the standards fragmented browser
landscape. (whatever we develop for the XO re:OLPC goals, I hope we
can bring to other platforms as well.)

Why reinvent the wheel? Flash gets the job done, and gets it done easy.

For those who have a problem with proprietary technology, there's
always Gnash and SWFDec, and numerous open source tools to generate
SWFs (including some that come directly from Adobe like the free Flex

Use the best tool for the job, pending personal comfort zones and
preferences. Get the job done, and get it done efficiently.

Peace out


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