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You should have a look a Wims. It seems like it does most of your

Le lundi 12 janvier 2009 à 11:35 +0800, Carlos Nazareno a écrit :
> > Since when is more equipment then a pencil and a sheet of paper
> > necessary for a school quiz??
> When they are not available.
> I've thought of a good method to do quizzes and eliminate cheating at
> the same time:
> - For tests like multiple choice/true or false
> - Browser-based frontend where exam is served
> - Backend (PHP/MySQL?) serves randomized questions and answers to
> render typical cheating methods obsolete.
> - Have time limit for students to answer quiz, after which session will time out
> - Saves teacher time on having to manually check test papers
> - Scales all the way up to college level
> - Can be used for entrance tests and other large-scale exams
> - Platform independent, thus making any work we do on this
> forward-compatible and usable by practically everyone who has a
> net-enabled computer
> - Can be used by mobile phones that have web browsers
> - Can be used for remote testing of learning
> - I'd also like to see more work done on a method to easily bundle
> Gnash or HTML-based/Browser applications as stand-alone activities, or
> at least launch the browser with the wrapped activity loaded upon
> startup.
> - Using a local daemon or service of some sort, the method I
> previously outlined can also be used here for "standalone" mode of the
> tests. This way, the learner can also practice with them and learn
> outside of class hours.
> - consider a system with multiple correct answers/alternate phrasing
> of correct answers is also used (but serve only 1 "tagged as correct"
> answer per multiple-choice question) to better test learning of
> concepts. This way, student will be less prone to the weakness of rote
> memorization.
> Your thoughts, guys?
> All the best,
> -Naz

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