QA talk with Ed postponed to 15:30EST (42 minutes from now)

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Jan 12 14:50:07 EST 2009

This just in: is slated for 42 
minutes from now, at 3:30pm EST. It will be <45 minutes; the double 
whammy of "keep meetings on track" skillz of Ed and Mel will make sure 
of that. ;)

Please join us! #olpc, agenda at the link above; add questions, etc. - 
and we could *really* use a volunteer to be the IRC-to-1cc link, if 
you're interested (best: if you're not intensely interested in the 
discussion but want to be of great help in a few minutes - that way you 
can focus on this and the participants can focus on talking.)


Mel Chua wrote:
> About to have Big Conversation with Ed about Community QA moving 
> forward, and I think I've finished my Big Braindump at 
> - review appreciated!
> The IRC backchannel is #olpc in case you want to join in, I'll try to 
> get someone to transcribe since I'll likely be in the middle of a lot of 
> this discussion.
> Please holler if any of this or any of the resources I've linked to are 
> unclear (I'm writing this a bit frantically at the last moment so my 
> coherence is potentially dubious.)
> --Mel

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