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Fri Jan 9 22:54:05 EST 2009

Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
>>> I have seen the page list
>>> Activity versions that were *older* than those listed for "plain"
>>> G1G1.
>> That's exactly as it is supposed to work. G1G1 lists dev versions,
>> G1G1/8.2 the stable versions tested with 8.2. explains: 
"the unsuffixed version of the group URL will always contain the latest 
versions of the activities for the very latest build".

I improved and added language to [[Activities/G1G1]], 
[[Activities/G1G1/8.2]], [[Activities/Joyride]] pages.  I also removed 
lies like "They are part of the [[G1G1 activity pack]]."

Is there an explanation for activity developers anywhere of the 
convoluted process of creating or updating fragments, the semantic form, 
and the OBX badge when you release a new activity version??  Somehow 
some people know how to do it and I have a dream to reduce the overlap.

FYI, here are the only differences between [[Activities/G1G1/8.2]] and 
[[Activities/G1G1]].  AIUI a bigger version number doesn't necessarily 
mean that version is for a more recent build.

Browse (8.2) (v.98)		Browse (latest) (v.102)
Read (8.2) (v.52)		Read (latest) (v.61)
Record (8.2) (v.59)		Record (latest) (v.60)
Chat (8.2) (v.48)		Chat (latest) (v.60)
Etoys (8.2) (v.94)		Etoys (latest) (v.96)
Terminal (8.2) (v.18)		Terminal (latest) (v.19)

All other activities are "Activity Name (latest) (v.NN)" for both, 
presumably because they haven't forked yet.

All the content collections are the same in both, though they are 
misleadingly described "Collection Name (8.2)".

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