automatic reminder of 'software update' when installing a new build

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Jan 10 03:15:41 EST 2009

>>>> I have seen the page list
>>>> Activity versions that were *older* than those listed for "plain"
>>>> G1G1.
>>> That's exactly as it is supposed to work. G1G1 lists dev versions,
>>> G1G1/8.2 the stable versions tested with 8.2.

I did say 'o.k.' to this explanation (speaking for myself).

But the point I am concerned about is that there might be thousands 
of XOs out in the field whose owners I presume have not bothered to 
upgrade to 8.2.  Such owners might still want to look at the wiki.

WHERE are they supposed to look to determine whether a "newer" 
version of an Activity is available for their (e.g., 657) builds ?
[Their builds are __older__ than 8.2.]

> explains:
> "the unsuffixed version of the group URL will always contain the latest
> versions of the activities for the very latest build".

When such people (whom I describe above) acquired their XOs, they 
were told these were "G1G1".   But [as this thread describes] now 
the "unsuffixed G1G1" URL lists versions of Activities presumably 
meant for builds __newer__ than 8.2.

See the potential confusion for some viewers ?


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