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Victor Lazzarini wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have not been able to work on anything new for OLPC for the past four months,
> given my  heavy teaching schedule. However, now I am just about to go on
> research leave and one of my goals was to do some work on the music/sound
> side of things for the XO. So I am now wondering whether 1) there is 
> any work to
> do, and 2) who to liaise at OLPC, since things seem to have changed 
> dramatically,
> particularly with Jim Gettys leaving. In other words, it would be useful to
> get a who's who for the project. Also, what bits are going to be moved out to
> sugarlabs (so I wonder if they are the ones to work for now, as far as audio
> development is concerned).

1) There is lots of work to do.  There are 500,000 XO users and rising,
virtually all of whom run Sugar.  They need and want updates and new
functionality for learning.  They don't care about where this happens in
some corporate shell game.  Sugar Labs is also expanding Sugar onto non-XO
computers.  We are growing.

2) I can't help with this.

Regarding with whom to work: I would definitely place audio development
under the Sugar Labs umbrella, unless the work in question is somehow
specific to the XO hardware.  For you, working on music, I think the place
to be is Sugar Labs.  The people to talk to are Walter, Tomeu, and anyone
else on the sugar mailing list, which is now sugar-devel at

I'm excited to have you back in the project.

- --Ben
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